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Rady Children’s Hospital Study Shows Rapid WGS for Critically Ill Babies Leads to Better Health Outcomes and Lower Medical Costs

Results from California’s Project Baby Bear The evidence is in—a state-funded Rapid Precision Medicine program led by Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego yielded life-changing outcomes for critically

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From 13 Years to 13 Hours: Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine Demonstrates Fastest Time to Life-Changing Diagnosis for Infants with Rare Disease

It took an international research effort 13 years to complete the first sequence of the human genome – the code of life. Now, Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine (RCIGM), in collaboration

Photo of Patrick Frias and Stephen Kingsmore with patients Sebastiana and Rylee

Opinion: Genome sequencing can lead to life-changing care for infants. California should make it more available

Innovative medical technology is constantly being developed, and with it comes the possibility for incredible breakthroughs in modern medicine. California has never seen scientific advancements within

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Rapid Genome Sequencing Can Save Babies With Rare Diseases, If They Can Get It

Undiagnosed genetic diseases take a serious physical and emotional toll on families. Rapid genome sequencing can provide answers and guide treatment decisions, but so far, insurance companies have been

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