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Genomics for all? Setting the new standard for diagnosis — the gold standard!

Finally, clinicians do not have to sacrifice accuracy for speed when faced with a possible rare disease diagnosis in a critical setting like the NICU where time is of the essence

Benchmark Genome Study Demonstrates Accuracy of Artificial Intelligence in Rapidly Diagnosing Rare Diseases in Critically Ill Patients

 Pivotal study led by Fabric Genomics and Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine demonstrates that artificial intelligence can enable the accurate and rapid clinical diagnosis of rare diseases

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Early Genome Sequencing Improves Care for Critically Ill Infants

Infants in the ICU who received whole genome sequencing (WGS) were twice as likely to get a diagnosis and a change of management than those who did not get early sequencing, according to a paper released

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Researchers Discover Unknown Childhood Genetic Condition—and its Potential Cure

Findings point to the possibility of treating and preventing birth defects before birth Describing a previously unknown genetic condition that affects children, researchers at University of California

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