Case Studies

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Patient Stories


Maverick’s Story

“We went from thinking our son was going to die, to getting a diagnosis and being so thankful for genomic sequencing and how it saved his life.” – Kara Coltrin, Maverick’s Mom

Sebastiana’s Story

When traditional tests failed to identify the source of Sebastiana’s seizures, she was referred for genomic sequencing. The results saved her life.

Dakota’s Story

On her first birthday, Dakota was lethargic, running a high fever and vomiting. As her condition worsened, she was rushed to Rady Children’s Hospital where she was quickly admitted to intensive care. Doctors there discovered her kidneys had stopped working but they didn’t know why. When routine tests failed to offer answers, rapid whole genome sequencing was ordered.

Public Health Programs

Project Baby Bear logo

Project Baby Bear

Led by Rady Children’s and funded by the State of California, Project Baby Bear provided rapid Whole Genome Sequencing for infants hospitalized in intensive care while yielding life-changing benefits and saving $2.5 million in medical costs.

Graphic of a government building

Public Health Bills

Inspired by Project Baby Bear’s success, legislation has been introduced in Congress, and in several states, to make rapid Whole Genome Sequencing a covered benefit for babies enrolled in public health programs.

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State Projects

Inspired by the success of Project Baby Bear, other states are following with their own programs to publicly fund rapid Whole Genome Sequencing for infants.

Clinical Partners

Children’s Hospital of Illinois

OSF HealthCare Children’s Hospital of Illinois

OSF HealthCare Children’s Hospital of Illinois in Peoria is the third largest pediatric hospital in Illinois. With 136 beds and 141 pediatric subspecialists, OSF Children’s Hospital cares for more children in Illinois than any hospital outside of Chicago.

One of the Childrens Hospital Colorado buildings

Children’s Hospital Colorado

Children’s Hospital Colorado is recognized as a top 10 pediatric hospital by US News & World Report. Serving the metro Denver area and the Rocky Mountain region, Children’s Colorado is home to a Level IV NICU.