Improving lives through
Rapid Precision Medicine™

Who We Are

Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine is a non-profit research organization embedded within Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego.

We pioneered a medical revolution to end the diagnostic odyssey for neonatal and pediatric rare disease. Now we’re moving to end the therapeutic odyssey.

We believe every child who is critically ill with an acute condition of unknown origin deserves a rapid diagnosis

They deserve that rapid diagnosis the first time they are hospitalized in intensive care – thereby saving them and their families countless tests and heartache. 

Newborn baby in incubator
Dr. Carroll checks on a baby

And we are striving to end the therapeutic odyssey for children with devastating rare diseases by pinpointing the root cause of previously unidentified conditions.

Our scientists and innovators then work on translating our discoveries into therapies and tools to guide clinical decision-making for providers at the bedside.

Along with optimizing our genome sequencing platform and Rapid Precision Medicine delivery system, we are scaling and sharing our tools and expertise in rare disease with a growing network of children’s hospitals globally to make cutting edge healthcare widely available.

Training and mentoring a workforce in the clinical application of genomic medicine is vital. Our Learning Healthcare System offers an array of educational opportunities for new and experienced clinicians to develop their expertise in this evolving field.

We are committed to scaling implementation of Rapid Precision Medicine, increasing public and private coverage of RPM® and empowering families affected by rare disease to become effective advocates. We invite collaborations with organizations in research, healthcare, industry and patient advocacy who share our vision for forging the future of genomic medicine.

Our History

July 2016

Research use of whole genome sequencing begins at RCIGM


October 2016

First Rady Children’s Hospital baby sequenced under research protocol


June 2017

RCIGM celebrates 100th patient genome sequenced


June 2019

NIH/NHGRI award Institute/UCSD $3.58M in funding for joint study on genetic and environmental factors that may be linked to infant deaths


December 2019

Rady Children’s Hospital pledges $45M to the work of the Institute


July 2020

Nationwide network of children’s hospitals sending samples for rWGS® grows to 42

January 2021

Network of children’s hospitals partnering with RCIGM to provide rWGS® grows to 60

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