Children’s Hospital Colorado

Children’s Hospital Colorado is recognized as a top 10 pediatric hospital by US News & World Report. Serving the metro Denver area and the Rocky Mountain region, Children’s Colorado is home to a Level IV NICU.

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From Research to Clinical Genome Services

Recognizing that a rapid, definitive diagnosis can allow for faster, effective intervention for infants and children with undiagnosed rare diseases, Children’s Colorado began participating in genomic research studies with RCIGM in 2017. The success of those initial cases led Children’s Colorado to begin accessing RCIGM’s Clinical Genome Services for patients in the NICU/PICU in 2018. The collaboration has since expanded to serve Colorado patients with metabolic disease, neuromuscular disease, cancer and other conditions.

The thing I most value is feeling like I can both get results quickly and be confident that the testing that was done was as sensitive as it could be.”

— Austin Larson, MD, Clinical Geneticist, Children's Hospital of Colorado

Evidence-Based Clinical Decision Support

At every step, from patient identification, test selection, through quick delivery of results and assessment of options for disease-specific medical management, RCIGM’s multi-disciplinary team of experts consult directly with the ordering clinicians at Children’s Hospital Colorado. By providing evidence-based clinical decision support, RCIGM empowers Children’s Colorado physicians to deliver Rapid Precision Medicine that improves outcomes for patients, the experience of care for families with the assurance that they are acting with medical certainty.

RPM Grand Rounds: Diagnostic Reasoning in the Era of Clinical Genomic Testing

Austin Larson, MD | University of Colorado School of Medicine & Children’s Hospital of Colorado
Jan. 23, 2019

The fact that, in some cases, we can give families certainty and sometimes even a management strategy based on the accuracy of the diagnosis is pretty remarkable.” 

— Austin Larson, MD, Clinical Geneticist, Children's Hospital of Colorado

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