Rady Children’s Institute for
Genomic Medicine

Forging the Future of Precision Pediatric Care

Our Passion

At Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine, our passion is transforming children’s lives through genomic sequencing. We are pushing the boundaries of science and engineering to speed answers and hope for newborns and children with rare genetic diseases. By rapidly delivering genomic insights, we empower physicians with the information they need to provide precision care for the youngest and most fragile patients.

About Us


Sequencing to save lives & lower costs
Our economic analysis shows that using rapid Whole Genome Sequencing in the NICU to deliver precise diagnosis and guide treatment decreases infant mortality and the cost of hospitalization.



Building the NICU of the Future
We’re teaming up with the Vermont Oxford Network to offer cutting-edge professional development in genomic medicine to neonatal intensive care clinicians.  Limited seats are still available for the half-day workshop.



Helping patients defy the odds
Feature story in The San Diego Union-Tribune describes how infants with seizure disorders are helped through whole genome sequencing.


“Our daughter was just a few days old when she received a life-saving diagnosis through genomic testing.”

—Mother of Sebastiana Manuel

Read Sebastiana’s story